Tactical Workouts – Targeted Improvements

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Tactical Workouts?  What does that even mean Pete?  Aha!
We’re going to to be supplying a couple of workouts that specifically target certain training aspects.
This workout is designed to develop bodyweight strength whilst under oxygen deficit. Not earth-shattering, unable to breath deficit – but short explosive work, that then requires you to lift your body.  Muscles need oxygen to function…so the more oxygen we take away, the more efficient your muscles need to be with what they DO have.  Being able to be efficient with less – imagine what you can do with a full loading of oxygen!
This is a interval training program that helps you understand and improve your recovery times under cardiovascular loading. 80% efforts are still big! And after 3 or 4 rounds of whatever elements you choose first, you should be breathing really hard. In the one minute of rest whilst your partner is going hard, you are ACTIVELY trying to get your heart-rate down as much as possible, to absorb as much oxygen as possible. Trying to recover as much as possible.
By the same token – its an 80% effort, not 100%. We’re practicing some skills here, so don’t blow the doors off straight up. lol.
Once more – why not give us a go?  Know how to train, but lack the material to keep things interesting?
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Free Workout DOWNLOAD “Pufferfish”

Another Freebie Workout Download?

Damn Pete you gettin’ soft.  Grin – no we just share our older resources.  A lot of workouts are custom designed for particular outcomes and when those outcomes are achieved by training groups – well then we like to share.



It’s got this name for a reason.  10 Rounds of “As fast as you can maintain” attitude!  Keep in mind – that is a relative phrase.  Everyone’s particular “as fast as you can maintain” speed is different, so there is no pressure on you to achieve any particular speed.  Set yourself some goals!

It’s super simple….It’s super challenging if you do it right!  And for heavens sake do it with someone else to help you keep going 😉



A Speed Training Tools and a Big Mother Workout

Know how to train?  Just want some interesting, balanced and also some hard as hell workouts? We post training workouts each and every week to help your cardio, functional strength and transitional fitness.  $3 a week through Patreon’s secure platform (check it out!) and you only ever get charged if we actually post the workouts!  You can’t lose!


Training Tools – We call this one “Clockwork”

A workout that’s designed for you to have a play with how your body responds to particular speeds. We use this to see how fast you can comfortably hold a cardiovascular pace using one of three options. 4 blocks of that option – the first one will be the most uncomfortable, and then the body will start to settle into the pace.
Experiment and understand what your body does under certain paces…What’s your current “this is my safe pace I know I can hold” speed? What happens if you put it 1km/hr faster? Its going to be a bit yuck, but I bet you can hold it.
This is how we get better – and how we get a better understanding of how we feel under loading, creating better methods of dealing with it.
Ultimately, making you a more efficient and mentally strong athlete.

BIG MOTHER – “Tectonic”

Yeah we mean this – this is a BIG workout.  With 4 blocks of work, you may want to start with 1 or 2 of them, building up to 3 and then finally the whole thing.  This is also written with the highest options for the workout.  If you need/want to take options for pull-ups (feet on floor and body on an incline from a strap/bar) or handstand pushups (normal pushups on toes or knees) – then absolutely do that!  These workouts are designed with functional mechanics in mind, if a particular move is currently out of reach, then definitely swap it with an alternative. 
This one has more endurance focus. Less changes of moves, i.e longer sets in strength, and longer cardio blocks. You have more time to get the body used to the transition from one to the other. If done again – the improvement areas, would be to try and jump up one weight category OR to hit the cardio sessions faster OR to go for an overall faster time.
The triggers to take a heavier weight is if you can achieve each weight set unbroken. I.e, if you don’t need to stop on 30 reps – it’s too light.
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“Dante’s Inferno” & Pushing “Fortitude” Workouts

It’s new workout time!!!!
Come and join our online squad for $3 a week! It’s stupid cheap! It’s Stupid Fun – in fact…..it might be the smartest training move all year.  You know how to train hard, so let us write the workouts for you!
OOOOHHHHHH we have two fun one’s here for you.  Let’s talk about Fortitude first.
This is a our weights endurance burner.  A 21 minute Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workouts – it cycles through 3 different moves to really test your oxygen burn through muscle activation.   There’s just enough reps to keep the cardio push real as well. Muscular endurance is a pretty gross feeling but becomes quite tolerable with practice.  There are indicated weights on this workout for experienced lifters – if you are just beginning your weights journey, please HALF these weights, we guarantee you’ll still find this VERY challenging.
Like the name, the idea is light everything on fire. Lungs, legs, arms…..A great pusher to get through once – and I strongly recommend we all try this again sometime and push for absolute speed! A known quantity means you can attack it smarter, having learnt what hit hard from the last time. On that note – remember what the hard parts were…. these are the areas you need to focus on for improvement. Stay strong in the sections you find easier – but push hard in the areas that you find difficult. 
One more time – it’s $3 a week…..You can’t get anything for that cheap nowadays
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*Free Program* Training Spartan Race Aspects – With Downloadable Workout

A nice short High Intensity Interval Training style workout – It’s going to push all the buttons in all the ways an actual Spartan Race will.

Spartan Aspect Training:

The first section is to simulate the excitement of the start, and the burst of speed that everyone always puts on. Lets roll with that and learn to use it to our advantage. Start hard, recover whilst still moving and maintain your momentum.

You know what the worst is? Getting the first obstacle wrong – but it’s a real possibility. Lets practice just in case, so that it doesn’t throw you off the game if it happens.  30 burpees please, and we’re going to tax your core so it’s tight for your next run.

Speaking of – Push the speed in the last cardio – bring it home hard.  What’s a little bit of extra burn when the end is in sight?

Your last obstacle is going to wipe your hands and arm strength. Take the time you need to get your monkey bar set. Your grip will be slippery – PLACE your hands deliberately and don’t trust friction. HOLD THE BAR.  One of the things I get asked all the time is,

“Why can’t I use chalk for the Monkey Bars?”

So glad you asked – because in an actual event you are often getting out of water, or mud or are sweating like an actual leaky bucket, when you get to swing/climb obstacles and you sure as hell don’t have access to chalk then, so practice not having it now.


If you’re new to functional training – modify the actions as required to acheive success…..don’t just not do them.   Do pull-ups on a bar that is close to the ground, so that your feet can touch on an angle and you can use them to help.  About 45 degrees ensures you are using your arms a lot still, and anything lower is even better.  Toes to bar can be done the same way.  Hang from something low, legs on the ground – then lift your knees one at a time up to the bar.  One each leg counts as one rep total.


Spartan Micro.jpg