3 Key Aspects To Look For In a Personal Trainer

First off – let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. This is being written by a Personal Trainer, which might immediately give the vibe of me criticising others – understand that this article is being written not to garner any new business, but to provide thought for those who might be looking into getting themselves a trainer. That said, your opinion is your own and you may feel how you like. Let’s get started.

Choose a Trainer that Does What You Want:

A lot of personal trainers do general fitness training, weight loss, some strength and some cardio. If that’s what you’re after – cool. However, if you are

Calisthenics training based on years of acrobatic competition and performance

looking more for a COACH for a specific outcome, then that’s what you need to be keeping in mind. If you are looking to specifically lose a lot of weight, then find a trainer who is really good at it. Maybe you want to improve aspects of your sporting performance? Get a trainer that specialises in that area. Want to put on muscle? You get the idea.

There’s more to training than the physical side. Like everybody else, a particular trainer will have a better mental disposition to certain areas over others. A good weight loss trainer in particular, has a very positive outlook, will be supportive but honest, and will understand the challenges presented by what they’re asking of you. A sports performance trainer will have an entirely different outlook, which makes sense, as the athlete being trained will need to overcome different mental obstacles. Consider not just the age and sex of your trainer – but also their disposition. See if you can find a bio on what the trainer is like as a person, it can really help to highlight their personality traits.

Does Your Trainer Walk Their Talk?

Mooloolaba Ironman 70.3 – 2018

Step one in considering any trainer – are they qualified and educated in what they do? This is an easy one to tick off usually. If they’re working out of a facility then you can be 95% sure they’re qualified to be doing what they’re doing (though you should ALWAYS check). If you’re training externally, make sure the “trainer” is up to date on their qualifications, registration and insurances – for your own safety. Also – know what your trainer can and cannot do. For example – tailored meal plans written for an individual is something that only a qualified, registered Dietitian can provide. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, and may have done courses in nutrition to help their own understanding – but a nutritionist (or trainer) can only legally provide dietary ADVICE in accordance and in reference to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Step two – Does your trainer, or have they previously, undertaken the type of training that you are wanting to be better in? Experience goes a long way – and that’s exactly why you want someone who understands exactly what they’re asking of you in your training sessions, who understands what your ultimate desire is and what it takes to get that goal. Look, education is definitely important, and i’m not saying you can’t achieve amazing results with someone who hasn’t done your discipline, but you can

Brisbane Spartan Race 2018

certainly stack the odds in your favour by going with someone who has. Let’s put a personal spin on it – I DO NOT train people who want to bulk up with pure mass or who want to do heavy Olympic style lifting. My specialty is cardiovascular and body-weight strength element training – particularly in combination with each other for events like Obstacle Course Racing and Triathlon. I do Crossfit style weights – which can certainly get heavy – but for those who want to put on pure muscle mass, I always refer to a colleague of mine, purely because he’s so much better at that than myself. In this manner, you build industry trust and respect.

Are Your Sessions Satisfying?

That’s an odd choice of words for a sub-heading hey? “Satisfying” is a word I use as it encompasses a few different aspects. What you’re looking to tick off here are some, if not all of the following:

Are your sessions:

  • Fun
  • Productive
  • Cost-effective
  • Actually getting you the results you’re paying for
Always down for a giggle this lot

In a perfect world – you’re getting all of these things in every session. Now “fun” is a subjective word, grin, so maybe that one can be a shade of gray. Basically you are paying for a service, regardless of how well you get on with, how friendly you are, with your trainer – if you’re paying for an outcome, you need to be heading towards that outcome. Understand that their time is required for that outcome, and make sure you AND your trainer have a clear understanding of these time-frames at the commencement of training.

A Personal Trainer is not for everyone – but they can certainly help take your sporting performance to the next level if that’s something you’re interested in.

Cheers and have a wicked Wednesday gang – Pete.


Interval Training Workouts: 1 For Speed – 1 For Endurance

So here’s what’s happening this week friends.  We have two workouts that are quite similar in structure.  One of these is designed to help promote your confidence in speed….one is to build your endurance under pressure.
Our First, and shorter one, is called “Mimic”.
 Designed to do a few things: – Improve your confidence in pushing your maximum efforts (i.e, discovering where your speed limits are and testing them safely) – Get the body used to transitioning between cardio and strength elements – Practice interval heartrate and metabolic control….i.e turning hardwork efforts on and off.
Best done with a partner, more for support than anything else, but absolutely able to be done solo as well.  A solid Abdominal set tacked onto the end as well for that stability and 6-pack pop!
The longer of the pairing is called “Labyrinth”.
 Simple, solid work. Nothing overtly complicated – just complete for time.  A mixture of longer cardio efforts – you can swap out runs for bike rides (just multiply the distances by 3) – and functional body strength work.  This workout is a slower burner that will get you adapting through effort load changes to find your working rhythms over 5 rounds.  Clarification – a handstand wall walk, is where you walk your feet up a wall, but the height is up to you. Not confident with a high handstand?  Have your feet lower down, closer towards a plank position.
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Fitness: Functionality Vs Aesthetics – Why I think It’s All Gone Mad (Video)


We’re going to flat out piss some people off with this – but let’s at least open a conversation around how mainstream perception and marketing has grabbed a total hold on how we VIEW Fitness.

Lock and load keyboard warriors 🙂

We upload 2 weekly workouts each, and every, week – you can join our crew for $3 a week! https://www.patreon.com/Assumeitsposs…

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Weekly Workouts – “Ultramar” & “Percival” 30 min timebombs

The Weekly Workouts are coming!!!  Wednesday is approaching and that means that the new batch of challenges are coming your way.  Good, i’m just about finished being sore testing out one of the new ones “Ultramar” – grin – but I digress.

Jump into our squad for 2 CHALLENGING yet achievable workouts every week, releasing 9am Wednesdays.  They scale, so no matter what fitness level you are, there are options to help you achieve completion.  $3 a week – yep….you won’t find anyone else doing anything like us, or for anywhere near that price.  Try it and see.


Two Workouts that take approximately 30 mins each.  One strength and one composite.  We introduce “Ultramar” and “Percival”.  Ultramar, being the strength workout, is designed as a benchmark style workout – any of the moves you can’t complete in full range – take an option that means you can achieve it (like pull-ups, do them on an incline with feet on the floor if you need to).  Percival is an interesting blend of co-ordination, cardio and strength.  Designed to not be extraordinarily difficult, it is awkward however, and therein lies the challenge whilst breathing heavily.
This Gothic named Monster is one of those workouts you feel for days. Literally. 30 minutes time cap the idea is to set it so you can’t finish it the first few times you try, to create a new benchmark to achieve. Short round, medium round – and a round that is both combined together. Adapt every round to extended sets. Change your rest intervals. Be as smart with the workout a possible.
The second Knights of the Round table workout. Not especially hard in isolation of each exercise, but all booked together? There are some serious choices to go hard if you wish. The coup de’gras is the challenge of Percival’s faith, which we emulate through the seeing what you can summon in 2 mins of unstoppable assault bike effort. Bring the fire.
Can you hold on and conquer the holy force that is the 2nd holiest of the Knights of the Round Table.
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Warm-Up: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Oh that’s a broad sweeping statement isn’t it?

Yep.  By and large this is something so many people can work on to see immediate and drastic improvements in your workouts, particularly at the beginning.  A proper warm-up should have you at a point where you can, at worst, move yourself through ranges of motion and cardiovascular action comfortably…. at best – you should be able to execute all of that at peak performace levels.  This means that by the end of your “warm-up” – you are RED HOT to go!  Sweating!  Breathing Hard!

The name “warm-up” is incredibly misleading.  Let’s talk about how we can improve our warm-ups with proper engagement and specific targeting.

We upload 2 weekly workouts each, and every, week – you can join our crew for $3 a week! https://www.patreon.com/Assumeitspossible

Everything is possible. Never hold back. We celebrate and encourage the human ability to learn any skill with positivity and desire. No dream is too big.

We love gaming, fitness, technology, nutrition, learning – basically….everything. You can see more of what we get up to and the events we sponsor and organise at:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assumeitspossible/
Website – http://www.assumeitspossible.com