How To Start Being A Runner – And Keeping It Interesting

 “I’m not a runner!!”

I hear this almost daily.  You know what? NO-ONE is a natural runner.  It’s a learned skill. Some of us learn it as children, endurance running and building up the tolerance to the impact – some of us dont.  Even if we have, if you dont use it for a while, then you need to build it back up.  It takes time… anything else. 

A lot of us are just being introduced to running and like anything, when you first start….its a tough gig. It mechanically feels awkward, breathing and cardio is tough, and its not fun. After about 5-6 runs you start to get mechanically better and the process towards enjoying it begins.
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Get Started

I’ve included here, my suggestion to build up to a 5km run over 8 weeks in such a way that you will enjoy it in small steps. The key is to take your time. You COULD just try and bang out 5km, but your joints and muscles will HATE you. You’re not just training your fitness, but your joint and bone endurance. That takes much longer than cardio – it can’t be sped up, so take the time and build it properly. 

Keep It Fresh

Once you’re up and able to maintain a steady 5km – there’s also a training treadmill session to keep it interesting.  For goodness sake dont just get on a treadmill and run.  People say treadmill running is boring….if you just get on and run…..hell yes – it IS boring.  Here’s a training ladder to help you build your endurance, recovery whilst still moving and overall speed.  Makes you think the whole workout = interesting.
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Strategic Post-Event Recovery and Strengthening

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How Do We Recover?

We put up lots of programs designed to promote ways to get better at events.  Workouts to let you assess how your air consumption is, where your explosive power is at, how your endurance functions under oxygen deficit…..but what about after the event?  
This is a complicated question but we can start with a couple of basics. We obviously want to allow enough rest – but there are some other things we can do like:
– Stretching to promote the lengthening and recovery of muscles, tendons, ligaments
– Stability work to maintain our focus and to gently re-engage muscle groups, flush them out, without over extending them
– Light cardio to promote increased blood flow around fatigued muscle groups and to remove exercise by-products
We’ll tackle the first two off this week with:

General Stretching:

The program that we give to our event training group.  We encourage the use of this stretching sequence after EVERY single workout.  It’s fabulous on it’s own, or with a workout, and the flexibility increases you can achieve with it are very effective.  It’s primarily focused on the legs and is very quick to do once you have committed it to memory – less than 10 mins.

Balance Pressure:

After a big event, the body often doesn’t feel like a workout – and it’s not adviseable to do a heavy one whilst you’re in recovery.  That said, it can be hard to totally switch off – so we’ve got a workout that focuses on static strength in conjuction with some balance activation.  You’ll sweat, work on some co-ordination and help promote blood flow through the body.  Let’s get you back up to speed and ready to roll again!
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Training for Adaptive Muscles

Each and every week, usually 9am Wed AEST – our online crew receive 2 new varied workouts for their consumption.  Take a look a couple of examples over at:

Say what now?  Adaptive muscles?  

Yes – this week we’re looking at how to train your body to be able to transition through different muscle sets, cardio sets and endurance sets.  Not just able to make the change mind you, but to understand what it’s doing, and how it feels.  One of the reasons Multi-sports are so challenging is this transitioning between elements and it’s something that far too many people don’t practice.  Believe me when I say that starting a 10km run AFTER a 40km ride feels RADICALLY different in your muscles, than just starting a run cold.  And we’re not just talking about the obvious fact that you’re fatigued already.  The muscles are conditioned to a certain element, and they’re quite happy to stay doing that, rather than change to a new element.  Understand how it feels, know what’s coming – experience means so much.
So with all that in mind our workouts are:

“Simulating Multisports”

A workout that is what it says on the label.  Getting your muscles to a point where the feeling of transitioning between elements can be experienced and practiced.  No you don’t have to go swim 1000m or ride 40km, thankfully we can optimise the experience in a gym scenario.  It will give you a really good idea of how it feel within your body though.  We’ve set up drills for a SWIM-short run to RIDE….and a RIDE to RUN.

The second one is “Surge Sets”

Based on more traditional gym functional actions – the surge sets will get you to adapt between muscular loading, speed and stability rapidly.  A short rest (and we mean short) will prompt the body to begin relaxing, then you go again.  Oft changing sets of work, mean there is little to no time to gain muscle memory of actions before you are changing again.  The slogan for this workout is “being ok with not being ok” – and we mean that within the context of, it’s ok to feel like the body is struggling, because it will be!
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Keeping Training Interesting – Variable Round Workouts

Coming out Tomorrow at 9am to our Online Crew:

You know when you find a workout that you like – it pushes you, or it makes you feel good?  So you stick with it.  You get better at it.  You start to find it pretty easy, but changing it up would mean trying new stuff which would hurt and you wouldn’t be as good at it?  That is the SUPER common rut that most people fall into at some point.  You get SOOOOOO bored with your current workout routine, but are afraid to try something new for fear of not being great at it.  
But it’s super easy for us to say that – we’ve got two workouts that have multiple rounds of work with variability of moves to keep things interesting.  There’s cardio options to keep things comfortable if you are unsure.
Want to take a look at what you get every week?


This workout uses low-impact cardio.  Notice we said low-impact….not “easy”….cos it REALLY isn’t.  We’re upping the elevation on this workout and combining it with static body holds like planks and pushups to really give the core a workout.  Tried doing a plank when you’re really puffing?  It’s VERY challenging.  How about pushups?  Same deal.  What about both?  Oh we had fun creating and testing this one.


Can’t decide what you want to do in your session?  Try this allrounder workout.  It has just about everything! Still short, but with lots of VERY quick changing exercises. You won’t be on one move long enough to care that it’s pushing you if you pick the right weights.  That’s the kicker here – you want to pick weights that are challenging.  We have made suggestions, but if you can smash them all out in one go….given the volume, you’ve gone FARRR too light.  Push for challenge hey!
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3128 Push-Ups In 3 Hours For Charity – Youth Mental Health


“The Push-Up Challenge is raising money to support headspace, National Youth Mental Health Organisation.

An organisation working to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.

The Push-Up Challenge started in 2018 and aims to raise awareness of mental health in Australia. This year, The Push-Up Challenge highlights the devastating number of Australian lives lost to suicide in 2017.


3,128 push-ups for 3,128 lives lost to suicide”

This challenge is supposed to run from the 8th July through to the 28th July – and for the majority of my team “Ezyfit” – this will be the case.  In an effort to put a little bit of a different spin on it, I decided to do every single push-up in one (1) day.  After doing some quick math, and seeing it would take a LEAST 2 hours if I could maintain 24 odd push-ups every single minute, with no breaks….we committed!

Pete – aka: Psycho Push-up Person


We are super pleased to say that all 3128 push-ups were achieved in 3 hrs and 1 min, and every single one of them was on toes.  And it hurts today.  Lol. There definitely some stiffness starting to kick in.

You can see the summary of our journey with the video check-ins all spliced together below:

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Thank You To Our Donators:

As of the time of writing – thank you so very much to all of our donators who’ve helped raise $480 in our little corner for this cause.

Wayne, Paul and Lara, Rachael C, Maria, Mat, Katrin, Alex, Joey and Adam, Suzanne, Joanna, Fiona, Nat, Gemma, Katheryn, Yulia, Jenny, Mal, Simone, Toni, Rach W, Mandy and Kev, Sue, Jodi, Lydia, Trevor.

You guys are fantastic – so much appreciation and love to you all – and to anyone who donates post this going live…..though now that I’ve done my own push-ups, it’s time to support the rest of the Ezyfit Team who’s link can see here:



You can’t help every cause – but when you can, its a wonderful thing to be able to do.

Cheers – Pete.