Musings of Happiness: (cos who doesn’t want to be right?)


Happiness – something we all strive for, and the pursuit of it is actually a fundamental right in the United States (there are some great constitutionalised things in America). So why do so many of us struggle with it? People can say whether they are feeling happy, or if the ARE happy but is there actually a way to measure it? And can we be more happy by CHOICE? (hell yeah in my opinion, but a more detailed explanation below).

The benefits of being happy are certainly obvious. We approach everything we do with more energy, a positive outlook and therefore achieve better results, or the same results we normally would have but faster and with greater satisfaction. Or simply put, its easier and faster to change a car tyre when you’re sparky and pumped (maybe listening to a cranking beat in your backyard), rather than on the side of the road on the way to work, sweating bullets, dodging traffic and ready to put the tyre iron through the windshield of the next muppet who honks at you.

Now I’m not going to get too much into the scientific side of things – but there IS a massive amount of research being done on this and free courses of study being offered. If you’re interested (and we are, and have signed up), we’ve linked a free course being offered at the moment by Berkeley – University of California. Happiness seems to be generally driven by 3 things….What happens to you outside of your control (fate), Your natural disposition to happiness inducing body chemicals (Genetics) and How you choose to wilfully view the world (Mental Fortitude). Current research is indicating that 50% of your happiness is allocated to Genetics, 10% to Fate and 40% to Mental Fortitude. Now the same research also shows that concentration on improving Mental Fortitude also has a change in the Genetic reliance….which makes sense. If you choose to see the world positively, you are going to feel happier, and your body will respond accordingly, more so over time.

You know what that means? That a WHOPPING 90% of your happiness is within your control with choice and training time (hear that nay-sayers? The power is IN your hands…..ready to be unleashed!). Essentially the happier you choose to be, obviously the happier you WILL be, but that happiness will INCREASE as your body learns that this is normal state of things.

Because to enact this change requires effort, and most of us…..can be a tad lazy sometimes….

But not today dear reader – today, we shall be happy. We shall look at our metaphorical tyre iron, ruefully grin, and have a giggle at the thought. Then fix the tyre. Cos seriously, being cranky about it sure wont fix it. We will be the positive force that makes SOMEONE ELSE’S day great too and reap the bonus feel goods that come from doing that.

So be happy….Its in your control….It’s totally POSSIBLE.

Here is the free course being offered right now.…/science-happiness-uc-berkeleyx-gg101x…

Be happy kids – Pete.

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