Taking New Steps – Just Doing New Things

Too often we get wrapped up in doing the same-ol same-ol.  Our list of “same-ol” can be quite large, but there’s only so many times you can go to the movies before it gets stale y’know?

Keeping things fresh, particularly between partners is important, and experiencing new things TOGETHER:

  1. Achieves this goal nicely and gives you an opportunity to;
  2. Do this with the comfort of having your best bud, partner, soul-mate there too!

Such a positive win.  This is a mantra that we here at A.I.P, totally LIVE by.  So today, after our normal work-out, we went to a Strawberry Farm.  Now not adrenalin inducing, but neither of us had ever been to one, and it was AWESOME.  You could pick your own strawberries from their fields and we ended up with a basket of these epically huge strawberries.

Point in fact – we got out and had some adventures driving out and about, getting coffees from some new places, and then exploring the farm.  I’ve always sort of assumed how strawberries grow, so it was cool to see my mental image was pretty accurate.

Get out there – Do some New Stuff – See new Things.

Biggest Strawberries…SO HEAVY
The Evolution of Strawberry

20150919_140339 20150919_141032

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