The Possibilities of Augmented Reality – SO EXCITING

I’m going to open up tonight with a topic that I’m really passionate about.  Technology.  Futuring technology for the good of humanity.  There are lots of COOL gadgets and gizmos coming out but with the leaps and bounds being made in A.R (Augmented Reality) and V.R (Virtual Reality), there are some real opportunities to significantly improve on every day lives and learning.

In case you’re wondering what the difference between A.R and V.R is:  A.R is about projecting and interacting with virtual objects in relation to the real world.  V.R creates an entirely fictional WORLD around you and doesnt react to the external real world.  That’s the condensed version anyway.

Now – what i really want to share my passion for where this is going.  The applications for A.R in particular are staggering.  Imagine being in a classroom – and being able to not just watch videos of anatomy, but to be able to actively see a “live” model, take off layers, see how the body parts work in relation to each other….It’s being DONE – RIGHT NOW…check this out.

Anatomy with Holo-lens
Now for those who don’t know – I (Pete) of A.I.P am an engineer (amongst other things).  This has me literally bouncing on the couch because I have already seen what the current advancements in Building Information Modelling (BIM) has already done.  We can walk around on-site (currently on a HUGE hospital) and have a virtual model on an ipad to show where all the pipes, wires, walls, columns, tables, and even coffee cups are going.  In theory – i dont even need drawings anymore.  ITS INCREDIBLE.  Now I am envisaging having this device connected to a something like the Microsoft Holo-lens and being able to SEE the walls that arent there.  SEE the pipes THROUGH the walls.  Let the subcontractors know not to drill in a particular spot because there are cables there.  Stand back….RIGHT at the START of the project.  Just dirt – and SEE the ENTIRE HOSPITAL whilst still seeing all the roads, trees, other people walking around.

And I havent even begun to talk about how it integrates with other fields, like games and sports.  For an absolutely mind-blowing vid – YouTube the Minecraft Holo-lens demo.  That is incredibly cool as a gamer.

Here’s the link:

Minecraft Holo-Lens
I’m super excited to see this go mainstream – if for no other reason than i want to be able to take my motorbike to pieces and study it 🙂

Amazing what’s possible……Pete.

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