Doing What You Dream

New Pete

Everyone who ever dreamed, thought, or wanted to be more than they currently were – this is a message for you from a seldom revealed little dark space that I don’t often open.  The picture yo see below is what Pete used to look like when he went to early University.  Now I was very happy, but also thought to myself that I could be SO MUCH MORE….I could be so very much fitter, I want to do so much more – triathlons, marathons, motivated and the like.

Happy before fitness – but ready for more!

Video Link if you mobile device wont play it at the top –

Wheel Video Link

So…The video you first saw….I had been doing acrobatics training for about 2 years, going twice a week.  I saw the show Cirque du Soleil: Corteo – and saw what’s called Single Wheel or now “Cyr Wheel”.  I immediately fell in love with what this apparatus showed – and you know what?  I bought one.  $1200…..straight up.  Had never tried it.  My point is – I was so determined to master this skill that I spent 3 hours every afternoon at my training club, for weeks!.  It took me a week of landing on my butt, on my elbows, on my knees, to get more than 3 full revolutions in this thing.  But once I got the feel for it….it was so sweet. And you know what? No-one else found it any easier!  Our challenges are not unique, so many people find it as hard, if not harder, than we do.

So to cut a post short – you want something?  YOU GO FOR IT!!!! Learn as you go…..Master it! It’s so worth it.

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