Why the Internet is now a GLOBAL Resource: How It’s Being Spread

Global resource

Increasing Internet Coverage – Now a Global Requirement
So The Internet is now a global resource.  We lament it when it’s slow, we use it in our everyday lives without even thinking about it, and our existence today could not be the way it is, without the Internet.  In fact, so much of our lives are linked through this system that we call anything connected to it, “The Internet of Things” – nearly everything has the capability to be wired in (lights, TV, radio, cars, backpacks, toys, watches, musical instruments…I saw a digital internet mouth organ whilst researching this).  So what does it mean for those countries that are just starting to have the capability to utilise it, and for those who still don’t can’t access it? Furthermore, to aid in bringing Third-World countries up, one of the biggest assistances that can be given is wide-spread access to the internet and all the possibilities that it brings.

Think what happens without it – and what it USED to be like

Interestingly, only about 1/3 of the world in considered to be “connected” to the internet.  Of course, there are entities in those countries which DO have access, but that’s besides the point.  Like all great innovations we are almost at a time where there is an entire generation that has never known not having the internet.  I can distinctly remember having the ‘net just become widespread, I had a desire to download a 50megabyte computer game.  It took 2 SOLID days.  Nowadays on a regular mobile data plan connection, that would take about 20 seconds.  Just step back and think about HOW MUCH that advancement has given us in our everyday life.  Commerce, communication, advancements in research, collaboration, learning.  I can honestly say that every time my internet at work goes down, everything comes to a grinding halt. Literally. I am, amongst other things, an Engineer and could achieve next to nothing with the digitisation of drawings, correspondence, documentation storage, and planning if the internet were to suddenly “disappear”.

Now life used to function fairly well without internet, but it was obviously slower and just serves to highlight how dependant we are on this facility now.  How can we expect Third-World Countries to even attempt to catch-up without access to similar levels of technology?  Turns out, big business is having the same idea.

Spreading the Data

Amos-6 Satellite Construction
Big companies such as Facebook and Google have decided, for a variety of reasons, that the rest of the world needs to be connected to the Internet as well.  They have programs established and in place to begin the globalisation of the Internet.  Google have Project Loon balloons in Sri Lanka which are funded by the Government to beam signals to the entire island nation and relay to the satellite networks.  Facebook, perhaps on a larger scale, have undertaken construction of the  AMOS-6 satellite which will provide a similar outcome to the entire sub-Saharan Africa region.  Incredible.  Now I’m quite sure that these two companies have very good commercial and business reasons to be doing this, and there would be a greater plan at the crux of things, but this is almost irrelevant compared to the fact that it’s actually happening.  However it happens, it is an undertaking that well and truly is a step in bringing these countries up into the modern world by supplying common access to what is now a truly global resource.

Where Does It End?

Well hopefully it doesn’t.  Horror stories of A.I taking over and the world losing it’s entire wealth of knowledge to some computer virus aside (anyone else seeing visions of “Terminator” here?), the greater good that this resource can give to humanity as a whole is invaluable.  It lets us act as a singular species like never before, and THAT on it’s own is reason enough to promote it’s cause and continued growth.  It’s an exciting time to be alive my friends, and I can’t wait to see what the next step in this process will be.  Hopefully, one to continue the positive growth of Humanity and the preservation of all the wonderful things that enable us to be here.

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