The “Power” of Empowerment – Will Can Fly!

Friday Positive Feels

Possiblers, this morning I came across a wonderful example of how, positive empowerment overcomes adversity.

Down Syndrome is a condition that occurs to over 276 new-born Australian Children each year.  The rate of Australian babies born with Down syndrome is approximately 1:1100.  This week is National Down Syndrom awareness week (usually the second week in October each year) and we came across a personal blog entitled “THAT DAD BLOG” by art director Alan Lawrence which celebrates and rejoices the love that he and his family have for his son, Will (under 2 years old), who was born with Down Syndrome.


Alan has started a unique project called “Will Can Fly”, in which he takes masterful photos of young will in all manner of wonderful “flying” photos.  What brought a beaming smile to my face this morning, was the positive way that Alan portrays his son’s condition.  Not only does he use his creative skills to enhance the awareness of this condition, but he very much does it a way that his whole family enjoys, particularly Will!

A statement from Alan on his page sums up that decision to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity. “When we brought Wil home from the hospital 17 months ago we werent quite sure what the future would hold for our family. Not soon after having him home we all started to recognize that Wil had a light about him that changed our perspectives on many things. Im happy that I was inspired enough to capture some small glimpses from the beginning of our journey down a new road.”Wil-Can-Fly-91

This is a powerful reminder that the power of positivity, and the determination of an individual to portray a scenario in the way that they “choose”, is everything.  Every nod, every smile, every interaction can completely change the course of someone else’s day. We can either wield that influence in a positive or negative way.

So today my friends, let yourself be a guiding force for empowerment.  A kind word, that nod and smile, it all adds up.  You never know when someone will be so grateful for that single action.  And the benefit?  Empowering others also empowers ourselves.

See below for a peak at some of the other great photos that Alan has taken with Will – so good!

Check out Alan’s Blog here:

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