Our eBook is Here! “How To Be an Everything Person – The 10-Day Kickstart Guide”

Team Possible – We are very excited to present our first eBook

10 Day Kickstart

“How To Be an Everything Person – The 10-Day Kickstart Guide”

The name is the description – It’s a tool for you to build YOUR OWN methods of being comfortable with being uncomfortable in new situations.  Take a minute to just digest that sentence, because it explains exactly what we want to achieve together.  This isn’t a handhold session.  It’s a boost to get you going – A guiding compass – nitro in your own engine – batteries to your gadget – a solid dice roll in the board game.  Whatever analogy suits you best, the point is that it’s a template for you to mould in your own way, with some humorous insights along the way.

And the best bit? It’s free.  You can head to our “Downloads and Tools (eBooks & Courses)” page from the links in the sidebar…..or click here to be taken there

We hope you enjoy it guys – we’ve had it tested with others and with ourselves.

Keep chasing your dreams – Team A.I.P

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