Adventure / Explore – The World Is Beautiful (and getting cheap)


The World is An Amazing Place

We all know this – the world has some incredible places and locations.  And as we explore this beautiful rotating globe – we

keep coming across new and wonderful scenes.  From snow-capped peaks, isolated desert landscapes, lush forests and aquatic seascapes (this one is being discovered more and more), even all the way through to the amazing architectural wonders of modern society.  There is beauty everywhere.  That said, there are some isolated locations around the world that are just beyond description – and you can explore and adventure within these locales more easily and affordably than ever (seriously check out the picture gallery).

Go Anywhere

Travel has become so much affordable in the last decade with technological increases and the mass commercialisation of transport that the world, quite literally, is your oyster.  So first off, for this article I’ve just randomly punched in “specials” for adventure company “G Adventures” (, here’s some of what’s in their current specials list:

  • The Best of Turkey – $1019 (8 days – Instanbul to Instanbul)
    Seldom Visited Kingdoms
    Seldom Visited Kingdoms
  • Pillippines – $1062 (10 Days Manila to Barocay)
  • Thailand – $779 (4 days Phuket to Phi Phi Island)
  • Central America – $1799 (15 Days Belize City to Caye Caulker)
  • Local Living in Italy – $1399 (7 Days Naples to Naples)

Amazing.  And yes, I do realise that this can be expensive to a lot of people – but I urge you to consider the following as well.

A study by the Entertainment Software Association has shown that 59% of Households in America own not 1, but 2 modern gaming consoles.  That’s usually a last generation console plus a current generation.  Which is $400 (last gen bundles when released) and $500 (new gen bundles when released).  That’s $900 straight up.  No extra games.  No accessories.  And that’s just one example.  Think about going out to dinner as well.  Most people will eat out what once, twice a week?  If that’s a restaurant, then potentially $30 per meal (including drink, dessert) – so potentially another $60 a week. Over 52 weeks that’s $1,560.

My point, good people – is that for most of us, getting out and about in this big (but getting smaller very rapidly) place is becoming quite manageable.

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Life is memories and experience – not things

Really quickly to wrap this up…..To me, life is one big experience right?  It’s about learning – how to read, write, run, talk, play.  These things are very obvious as we grow up, but as we get older we start to learn smaller, more intricate things.  Appreciating our place in the grand scheme of the universe, the complexity of a simple leaf growing, or maybe something more overt like how to drive, fly a plane, climb a mountain, execute complicated career discussions, talk publically – the list is massive.  The thing is – these are all experiences.  Sure they are DONE with things but the experiences themselves are what we remember.  When you talk to your best friend about that thing you did?  You’re talking about the shared memory of the experience, not the car used in the road trip, or the playstation used in that epic win.  So surely sacrificing a few material pleasures is going to be worth these amazing experiences?  Not everyone will agree (and that is perfectly ok and the wonderful thing about free-will), but this writer certainly thinks so.

For one hell of a good read – check out The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

Get out, get amongst it – experience the world.


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