Feeding Your Interests – Go For It This Weekend

You know what’s exciting? Doing what you love.  You know what’s fantastic? Being good at it!
And we totally can be! Sometimes taking the first step down a pathway of interest can be the hardest. Taking those first few artistic photos, knowing they may not be great shakes yet. Taking the first step into a gym or a new class with no idea of what’s going on.  Actually assigning something time in your schedule rather than just thinking about it. Lets make the next couple of days and weekend all about DOING!

If you’ve got some time – this is an interesting look at present vs future self: – Otherwise skip on down and come back later!

So – we have no idea what it is that you personally are craving to try, twitching to be better at, singing random ballards of inspiration in order to motivate thyself to action on! (Unrelated – I’ve never tried triple shot coffee until today)…..but we would love to know what gets you going.  Perhaps you’d like some visual cues to try some new things this weekend? WELL I’m so glad you asked!

Here is our guide for some inspiration this weekend!

itunes u

iTunes U — Learning on the go, from some of the world’s top universities.

Cerego — Cerego helps you build personalized study plans based on your strengths and weaknesses to retain knowledge.brain

University of the People — Tuition-free online university that offers higher education in multiple course streams.

Digital Photography School— Read through this goldmine of articles to improve your photography skills.

Brain Pickings — Insightful long form posts on life, art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.

Youtube EDU — The education videos that don’t have cute cats in boxes — but they do unlock knowledge.

A.I.P – Try some of our Acrobatics How-To Videos. Balances, stretching, handstands – and more on the way

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