The Physics Behind a Backsault

Fitness and Science come together today in this demonstration of “Theory Meets Practice”

This is how a Backsault works – And its not how you think.

The physics behind this move is quite cool. The arm swing and the jump combine to give you the vertical element and the time required to complete the rotation.

Contrary to popular belief, the rotation has next to nothing to do with your arms. Its all transferred through pulling your knees and feet up and in towards your shoulders (aiming at your collar-bones). That lift, once it’s pulled in as close as it can go, and your body is rigid – transfers into a rotating action through the conservation of momentum. Once a closed system undergoes energy expenditure, that expenditure is cannot be lost – just transferred, in this case from vertical jump into rotation, and eventually back down and into the floor.

If you’re anything like me, I actually had to understand this in my head before my brain would let me attempt this for the first time.  Once you conceptually understand that “YES, this WILL work”, it’s amazing what the mind can achieve.

A Short post – hope you found it as entertaining as it was to put together.

Dream BIG! Team A.I.P

If you’re interested in some more acrobatics or even want to learn some yourself – hop on over to the vids page where there are a couple of “How-to” vids for you and some friends to enjoy 🙂

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