Cosplay! The Fun of Getting Into Character

star wars
Star Wars Cosplay Team


Here’s a word that’s not terribly common outside or geeks, nerds, actors and gamers.  So let’s get this clear.  Simplistically, cosplaying is dressing up as a character, person or thing – but its taken so much more seriously than that.  Cosplaying is taking that act to an ARTFORM.  It’s mimicking that entity’s dress or form as exactly as possible.  It’s taking dress-ups to the highest level and it’s a world of fun, for both the cosplayer and those around to appreciate the dedication and work that goes into these costumes.

Ok – so give me an example:

Sure thing!  In fact, we here at A.I.P have just begun to really enjoy getting into cosplaying and the level of fun that it brings to the events you go to with it (more on that later).  So you can be a superhero (Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Power Ranger), you might choose to go as a fairytale icon (snow white, the wolf from the 3 little pigs, Dracula), or perhaps you want to start getting abstract and hit up a character from Japanese anime, or a computer game.  But the key point is you aren’t just trying to dress up to represent that character, the idea is to get so far into character that you ARE that embodiment.

Below are team A.I.P at the Gold Coast Supanova Pop-Culture Festival.  Pete is dressed as Marvel Comic’s “Deadpool” – from the X-men series, and Jodie as D.C’s “Harley Quinn” – a villain from the Batman Universe.

Supanova AIP
Team A.I.P at the Gold Coast “Supanova”

We actually got lots of photo requests in these and had an absolute blast checking out all the hundreds of other people who went the whole nine yards with their chosen outfits.  Some of the best outfits we saw were:
– Master Chief from the Halo Xbox game
– Bane from the Batman Universe
– Space Marines from the Warhammer 40k Universe

So where does one wear these things?
Well, we’re not really talking about a party theme here, but yes – that’s a great place to start your cosplay adventures.  We start working up to releases and special events for things like movie premiers (think Star Wars and all the troopers!), book releases, game releases and expo’s for pop culture, games and sci-fi.  These events will now, more often than not, have special cosplay competitions for the crowd judged best dressed.  In fact, there are now MASSIVE events just to celebrate the art of cosplay.  Like Comic-con (held over many countries in numerous locations each), Supanova in Australia and specialist events like WAICON.

Which dove-tails nicely into the effort that some people put into their costumes of choice.  It is not unusual for cosplayers to spend weeks if not months on Cosplay costumes – with fully metal, fully working electronic suits with mechanised appendages.  My vocal appreciation range has varied from the “hey nice!” for the below:

Arrow Chick
DC Comic’s – Arrow

To  “OH ****!!! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!”…..for the HULK BUSTER costume that this bloke spent more than a year building.

Just wow….right?  So the next thing? Well A.I.P are going to the December 17th midnight screening of the new “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” movie. Pete is heading in as General Grievous from “Espisode II – The Clone Wars” and Jodie as Princess Amidala from ALL the new movies in the most recent trilogy (full queen get-up).  We’re expecting Storm Troopers, Jedi, Sith, fighter Pilots, Darth Vaders, Luke Skywalkers and anything else from this universe and it’s going to make an already great movie just that much more fun.


Strongly encourage you to give this a go if you have any interest – we’ll be attending many events next year and will keep you all updated when we do.  Cosplay AWAY!


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