We CARE – Tonight Especially – As a Team

It’s Christmas Eve – and most people, for a variety of reasons, are celebrating this time of Christmas.  To me, this time of year is significant.  It’s a time when people as a collective are HAPPY, without having to require a direct reason.  It’s great to watch actually.  Smiles, hugs, laughs and cheers simply because it’s that time of year.  What a world it would be if we could extend that all year round ey?  Grin – small steps at time.


Whether you are celebrating for religious reasons, maybe for the wonder of the big red man with the presents, or may be you aren’t at all……that’s ok, we are all along for the ride anyway – so lets enjoy the goodwill that stems from this time of year.


Now not everyone is celebrating tonight, and some people find it really hard this time of year.  Things have been rough lately, maybe those we wish were around aren’t….these things can make it really hard to be cheery.  I would ask – that you think back on a single happy memory for this year, and there will be one……and be thankful for that memory.  For it is a memory that could have been otherwise and I want you to know friends – if you feel that there is no one that cares tonight…you are wrong. WE CARE….Tonight we are Thinking of YOU.  We may not have met you, we may not know your name, but tonight – we want you to know that our thoughts, positive vibes, friendship and love are with you….






This Earth is a beautiful place, there are some beautiful people and beautiful things.  And tonight is about remembering that.

For what it means to you all – Merry Christmas.



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