Resolving To Have A Resolution

Fresh start

Let me open a time-rip in space to look ahead at the countdown to New Year 2016.  One potential that is becoming frequent, is the fashionable position of not having a resolution and then SUDDENLY coming up with one 30 mins before countdown.  Resolution forgotten within 15 mins after fireworks, vaguely remembered and mentioned for two weeks into 2016 and then forgotten and kicked into closet containing 2014 resolutions.  Close time-rip…..firmly.  Friends – this is not a rag on resolutions…I quite like them! But this year:

Lets Resolve to be Resolute in our Resolutions!


I like the idea – but let’s take it seriously

Yes, resolutions are a great mechanism for the inspiration of change, the kiddingrearranging of self, and the raising of new flags etc.  So wouldn’t you want to be prepared for said changes?  Insert scenario – dear reader….”Here’s a flintlock rifle, a pouch of firing powder and some musket rounds – the enemy approaches in 30 seconds”.  NOOOOOO – you’d shove the musket back in face and run on legs suddenly intent on setting new 100m records.

Preparation.  The key word which is integral to any form of success.  Don’t take a blind leap of faith – give yourself every single chance to succeed in a new venture.  You want to get fit, maybe join a gym?  So join it! Get the paperwork out of the way now, so come New Year all you need to do is turn up.  Maybe it’s learn a new skill or sign up for that course?  chargeSign up….get all the prior reading and setup down in the next few days.  Come start time, you’re ready to whole-heartedly charge into the battle with musket primed!

Preparation – “A Horse! A Horse! My kingdom for a Horse!”  The origin of this (rather interesting) quote from Shakespeare is worth having a look at:


Save the world – but after you learn to tie your shoes

Dare to Dream

So the last aspect of your keeping your resolution is to make it achievable.  We here at A.I.P are all about shooting for the stars, provided that you have the right plan in place.  So using a massively inflated metaphor (cos why not it’s fun) of  – This year I’m going to go to space!  Lets not forget the intervening steps of either;

a) Become an astronaut

b) Become significantly wealthy to afford something like Virgin Galactic

Side-note….What I love about this, is that under current technological advances, this is not going to be an inflated metaphor in the next twenty years.  Take a look at our article on why Space may contain your next job.

So pick something that is going to yield some results, some success, some reason to KEEP GOING and further inspire yourself.  If we look at joining a gym, and you get yourself ready by signing up and organsing with a friend  which classes or times you want to go regularly each week – you will see results within 2 weeks! You’ll feel better about starting, actually doing your resolution and seeing results grow from it.  So if you want to save the world next year….make sure you set-yourself up with step by step goals and all the requirement are in place to win…..besides – you can definitely have more than one resolution 🙂


So lets do it!

Yeah?  Booyah! Okay – we’re in with you.  Here’s my goal this year.  The last few years I’ve been getting into triathlons and participating in the Olympic Distance events (1.5km swim, 40km ride, 10km run).  This year…. I want to do the Half Ironman.  That’s a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride and a 21.1km run.  I’ve resolved this in my mind already.  I’ve set up how much training I need to do and actually already started.  Half IronmanMy goal race is around the August mark of 2016 so by attacking it in manageable chunks and beginning the process now, it’s not this massive beast.  Also – it feels good to have started already. That’s the hardest bit done! Get in and get that part done before the weight of expectation kicks in from yourself and the rest of the world jumping on the resolution steam-train.

So…….square those shoulders, have a think.  There are a few days between now and the beginning of the next step.  This is an opportunity!  A chance to succeed! A way of making some significant improvements to yourself.  Lets do this properly and enjoy the fruits yielded!

Resolve to be Resolute in your Resolution this New Years!


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