Let’s Choose To Succeed

I’ve made a very big effort to try and validate a concept. Success – is, by and large, an active choice rather than a mere coin-flip of luck.  Let me explain.Prepare

A few years ago I noticed something – everyone who I really admire and choose to emulate have WORKED hard to be experts in what they do and how they act.  They KNOW all the small tips and tricks.  They walk the walk and they talk the talk.  I’d like to pull one random example out to help illustrate where I’m going with this:

Some you may know that on the side, I do group fitness instructing.  Now, one of things that I admire most about my mentors, is that they make the TEACHING look effortless.  Not the physical – well that too, but in all seriousness – that’s the easier side of things.  You need to know up to an hour’s worth of choreography (Les Mills programmes), you need to be able to explain the how and the why behind each move and it’s range, and you need to do it in a fun and interesting way.  i.e not going “squat……now jump…..now squat….” for 60 minutes.  The best of these instruct whilst making it seem like they’re having a fun conversation with you.  Like you are in this awesome group, achieving incredible things and doing it with a great people, which of course, you are.


Now having been an instructor for almost 2 years I can fully appreciate how much PREPERATION goes into this.  You need to know your choreo backwards….you need to know how the moves work and WHY people should be bothered putting more effort in.  You need to have a friendly demeanor and you need to be able to inspire.   NONE of this comes from luck.  It’s purely hours of practice, research and learning coming to fruition – and over time, this becomes so efficient that it looks like they’ve just pulled a class out of their pocket.


The point my friends – the point…….

Is that you can CHOOSE to set yourself for success by being PREPARED.  And it doesn’t take much effort at the start to save yourself a MASSIVE effort later on.

  • Do your research on whatever goal it is that you want to achieve ahead of time so that you aren’t trying to understand a concept whilst attempting it.
  • If you need anything set-up, pre-purchased or organised in advance – have that done
  • Get enough SLEEP so that you can approach your target enthusiastically (seriously cannot overstate this point)


Check out this webpage for a detailed breakdown on how you can implement this for yourselves:


These activities are all ACTIVE and WILLFUL decisions to get done ahead of time.  You CAN, in theory, leave them to the last minute and achieve the exact same result.  But why would you?  You increase your stress, lessen your time and put yourself under al sorts of pressure when you could be utilising body and mind to focus on what you want to achieve.

Here’s a little vid that we at A.I.P made to summarise this point in less than a minute.


Allow yourself small efforts early to take a massive win later.  Small steps, large rewards.  Sounds awesome to me.


A random thought share for you all.

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