Curiosity Stream – Documentary Service

Curiosity Stream.png

Okay – not going to even pretend that we’re not excited about this.  There is a new documentary streaming service called Curiosity Stream.

Essentially?  Netflix – for documentaries.  Why are we excited?  Well personally, I LOVE having doco’s on in the background at home.  If I’m working, reading, studying I quite like having an interesting topic in the background stewing away my subconscious.

Now yes, Netflix, Youtube and countless other services offer Documentary Services.  However in all those cases it’s purely an added on feature.  What makes this one different?  It FOCUSSES on documentaries and learning.  It hasn’t even been up that long and the start up database is massive.

The mission of CuriosityStream is to provide an affordable, ad-free, online destination where the world’s best factual television content can be enjoyed on demand and on any device by the planet’s community of the curious. CuriosityStream serves the lifelong curious by producing original expert-interview content at Curiosity Studios and by aggregating the world’s highest value video content about science, technology, civilization and the human spirit from the planet’s leading television producers. CuriosityStream has a focused mission to exhibit content that enriches, enlightens, enchants, and thereby enables curious humans to better understand our world.

Example of the Latest in a Couple of Categories



With plans starting at $2.99/month – its a cup of coffee a month for a huge slice of selective learning.

We haven’t tried it yet – and we’re not endorsing it – but we ARE excited about it and will definitely be giving it a go.

Links below if you’re interested!

If anyone is already using it – let us know what you think please!

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