Enjoying The Success of Others

Celebrate othersWatching others succeed can inspire so many different emotions in us.  Shared joy, triumph, motivation and also maybe touches of jealousy and annoyance.  You see, in the current age of competitive careers and material accumulation – it can be very easy to fall into a routine of being competitive with everyone about everything.  Here’s why being truly happy for others success can be a tremendous tool to help yourself get a leg up.

This is something that we do very obviously every year for birthdays.  We celebrate that person making it through another year and abstractly, we celebrate the achievements through the year.  Its something expected every year and therefore it doesn’t tend to pull on internal emotions too much.  Less obviously is the support of a sports team.  We share the bond of that’s team success as our own (though not often the losses funnily enough).  Where we really need to help is the direct, personal, in your face examples of a direct outcome. Dont Envy

Lets take a promotion for example.  There will ALWAYS be those who think someone else should have gotten the position.  Now even if you are one of those people, and there is nothing wrong with feeling like someone else (or yourself) would be more worthy, there IS detriment in harbouring resentment towards that person.  Now before you talk about there being shades of grey and nothing is as clear cut as all that……why on earth can’t it be?  Seriously….lets think about this.  Regardless of how much you think someone shouldn’t have WON something, shouldn’t have GOTTEN that promotion or whatever – the only person you are creating a negative space around is yourself and those who contact you – and it’s not going to change anything.  You become a source of negative energy that may attract attention initially, very quickly becomes tiresome for those around you.someone else's success


On the Flip side – If you are HAPPY for someone, for no other reason other than they achieved something significant, then you become a source of positivity.  They appreciate you being happy for them, you feel GOOD for feeling happy for them, and more significantly, you can LEARN from them.


  • How did they achieve it?
  • What steps can be translated into a goal that you want to achieve?

On a personal note – two members of AIP are doing their first ever triathlon this weekend.  They have trained hard, physically and particularly mentally.  Both have overcome significant challenges and are at a point where they KNOW they can achieve this.  AND I’M PUMPED FOR THEM!  Watching them achieve goals every week – getting fitter, stronger and faster.  Watching them begin to understand the capabilities that they have within themselves is amazing.  I’m smiling right nocheer yourselfw as I write this.  It’s infectious and straight away my day is feeling great (thanks guys). And it’s inspiring me with my own training.


I believe that you can choose to feel happy for others and to let that also be a productive result for yourself.  Let the happiness of others fuel the happiness within you! Happiness can breed happiness and success can breed success.


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