Training Motivation – Quick Fix Thoughts

First off – this won’t be a diatribe on how to get your mind in gear, and how to surround yourself with things that inspire you.  No.  This is for those who know this already and are having an off week or just finding it harder for some reason to get that butt in gear and actually train.

I’ve struggled to get to the gym this week.  And you know what?  I cannot even begin to tell you why – I don’t know myself. I’ve still gone, and I’ve still enjoyed it. But that feeling beforehand, of really not feeling like it, has really been annoying.  Here’s a couple of things I’ve adapted this week which is starting to pull me out and feel the inspiration flowing again.

  1. Changed it up. Not just classes, or running to cycling. Nothing that minor. Yesterday’s training was a quick session at the gym and then a tennis game.  And whilst the tennis wasn’t hugely energy smashing, it was movement for another hour and it was FUN.  Smiles were had and it felt good to tack that onto the original session.  It’s been a long time since the last tennis game, which made the resulting first 20 mins hilariously bad – Grin.  
  2. Listen to music 30 mins before you have to leave for the gym. Right at that point where you start to think about “I need to go to the gym”, put the headphones in and tune into something upbeat.  Me? It’s techno.  Our emotions are tied in so much to empathetic things like sound and sight.  Get the energy infusion going.
  3. Have a mate tee’d up to come with you.  Everything is easier together.  Makes all the difference.

Lastly?  Don’t see it as a lack of motivation.  The roller coaster of our lives means that we’re not always going to feel PUMPED.  When the difficulty strikes – do something different.  Do something that makes you smile and still gets you moving.  Go play tennis, throw a frisbee (I want to go do that now!!!) or kick a soccer ball.  Just move around for a while. The motivation will come back ;). Don’t force it.  Encourage it.

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