The Aussie High Divers Flying Strong

Team Aus
Go Team Aussie! Also…That is amazingly high!

Guys we’re very excited to announce that this weekend is the 3rd FINA High Diving World Cup in Abu Dhabi (UAE).


And for one BIG reason in particular – Australian Helena Merten is competing in this jaw dropping competition.  We’ve featured Helena on Assume It’s Possible before for her work in the House of Dancing Water (check out this link to see the incredible spectacular event that is the show  and also for being the first Australian to compete in the Redbull high-diving competitions.  Now she is representing the country once again by jumping off ridiculously high objects whilst twisting and flipping…..She’s also a long time friend of A.I.P and we are absolutely STOKED at what she’s doing 🙂

February 27 – 29, 2016

The FINA High Diving World Cup welcomes the world’s best high divers in action every year in a three-day event. Following the successful organisation of the inaugural edition in Kazan, followed by Cozumel, Abu Dhabi (UAE) will host the third edition from February 27-29, 2016.

We wish Helena every bit of luck (she doesn’t need it, but we’ll wish it anyway) and we’ll be tuning in to watch.  The schedule in GMT +4 time is below.  To convert to GMT+10 Brisbane Time you add 6 hours.

helena Schedule

The live stream link is here:



Helena Hat

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