Helena’s Silver Success! High Diving Adrenaline

Yesterday we posted up all the info for Australian Helena Merten’s charge into the FINA High Diving World Championships 2016 and are so unbelievably stoked to report she got the Silver Medal!

If you missed the action – here’s a video edit of her 3 dives, interview and medal presentation.

With three exceptional dives (Helena that handstand launch was nuts!) – she held spectacular form to comfortably take 2nd place.  Now readers we all objectively know how high 20m is…..but what does that mean mentally?  Let’s have a look.


The Dive
The High-Dive Setup

See the very top platform? That’s 27m.  Just below that….20m.  That’s very, very high.  I bet that doesn’t look like the 20m you just thought about before this picture?


Flying High Over UAE’s Skyline




One of the phrases that the commentators used was words to the effect of ‘She’s come from another sport and said “I can do that”.’  This resonates profoundly because it’s not just a matter of riding talent. It’s having a goal, a desire, and working for it.  Innate ability will only get you so far.  It’s the countless extra technical hours refining the smallest things.  It’s the dedication to the physical and mental training required.  In short – Helena has WORKED for the success and absolutely deserves every single bit of it.


Congrats Helena – From everyone 🙂

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