Changing The Little Things (and my drink tastes weird)

My drink tastes weird

1 Seriously – it’s a different taste

……I’ve changed up my after dinner refresher.  To clarify – after a solid training session, and today was awesomely muscle-shake inducing, it’s nice to smash down a flavoured mineral water (zero sugar version, low-cal and all that y’know).  Grin – judge later, we all like what we like, BUT, i’m normally into Mt Franklin lime flavour or berry flavour.  Today, because i’m changing the little things up, i’ve bought a Schweppes lime INFUSED mineral water….and it’s WEIRD. Not bad, not at all – but i’ve grown so used to the taste of what i normally drink, that each time i go for a drink, subconciously i’m expecting a different taste and…..BLAM…’s a SUPER different taste.



To The Point Pete, To the Point (Change It Up)

Alright, now that i’ve finished my little mini rave – you know how so many slogans, inspirational pictures, self-help books and such are all abot CHANGING IT UP?  Well it’s such a misconception from so many people that this means “change everything” or change something massive about your life.  I beg to differ.  Sometimes there are a mountain of smaller things that you can change that make a substantial difference to your day.  For example, a lot of people are quite happy with where they are, what they’re doing and where they’re headed – but still get that feeling of wanting some difference.  It’s super achieveable and i’ve been running a little experiment this week to see how it works out


The Small Test For Big Change

So – the experiement has been to actively change as many little things about the day, each day, as possible.  I’ve done the following things each day:

  • Driven a different way to work each morning
  • Eaten something different for every meal
  • Bought different brands than i normally would (hence my WEIRD water) – lol
  • Walked up the stairs at work 5 levels, instead of taking the lift
  • Conducted the Conversation Test – which we posted about earlier this week (click if you want a read)
  • And so many other innane little things that i’ve probably forgotten – oooohh wait i changed the chair i sit in at work.  I asked a colleague to swap.  It’s the same chair type and same configuration but it FEELS subtely different.

I can hear you all asking, “WHY MAN WHY? what are you achieving?”  Change my friends. Simple change.  And it’s been remarkably interesting.  I’ve noticed down the different streets that i’ve been taking to work that there is a sweet-ass restored Combi Van in one, a Pikachu Spawn point for Pokemon Go in another, and one that is really tempting to take the motobike down due to the awesome little camber the last corner has.

All of which I would not have noticed or thought about without small tweaks.  The change in the mineral water taste has thrown me for such a loop that i’ve actually researched how they carbonate beverages – which I kind of already knew, but now have a good practical sense.

It’s an interesting read – check it out



Was it Worth It?

Absolutely! It took almost no effort, has inspired a heap of learning and has changed how I feel about each day.  They feel……FRESH.  Grin – i’ll be honest, I do this sort of random stuff a lot, so my days mostly feel fresh, but this has been fun.  Change up the little stuff gang.  There doesn’t have to be the whole “I’m going to be a mediation Guru overnight” stuff happening.  Start small.  Rome wasn’t built in a day (such a strange saying, cos DUUUUUHHHHH, but the point be made).

KEEP it fresh – literally and figuratively.  And try this friggen drink and tell me it’s not just ME!!!!! WEIRD…..good though.

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