Rise Up the New Ideas! – New Intellectual Property Should Be Celebrated, Supported

No Mans Sky.png

No Man’s Sky is coming out for Playstation tomorrow and I’m super excited for it (digital download already set and ready to crank).  Not just because it actually looks incredibly well thought out and a tonne of fun, but because it’s NEW.  It’s something different and not just a “Game/Movie Title – The 2nd coming” etc.  I think it’s time we gave new concepts and ideas a go and judged them on the merit of their own worthiness.  FYI – if you haven’t heard of No Man’s Sky, go check it out here – the scope of what this game is achieving through mathematical algorithms is mind-boggling.


The growing trend with anything new is to immediately criticise and compare it to something that already exists.  Take the new Suicide Squad movie for example.  Despite the fact it’s blown the box-office takings out of the water, the “critics” are slamming it for it’s story telling and synergy. Ladies and Gents please……. we need to examine WHY we’re going to watch a movie like this, for the cinematic story telling devices used?  Hell no.  To see our loved anti-heroes band together to cause mayhem and chaos in a hilarious manner? Damn straight.  The context of WHY something was created makes all the difference in how we should perceive it.  If a critic has gone and smashed this movie because they wanted the next “Titanic” level emotional rollercoaster, then that’s more suicide squad.pnga judgement error than anything.  And this is why independent developers of goods, software, pretty much anything are so scared of reaching out too far from established acceptances.  This is why I’m so excited for No Man’s Sky.  It’s so different from anything else.  It’s trying new things, its doing old things in entirely new ways and it absolutely is marketing that fact.  Sure, it’s going to get some of them wrong, but its definitely going to get some of them right!


Support for new Intellectual Property also spawns a legion of offshoot technologies, peripherals, ideas and add-ons.  Look at what the re-imagining of the iPod did.  Turning that to touch spawned the iPhone, leading to iPad, to iWatch and every other imaginable Apple THING.  It’s awesome.  It opens new industries, conceptual spaces and it gives people freedom of expression.  I apple.jpgthink what I’m trying to get across, is that we as a collective need to be supportive of ideas and creations based upon the merit of the idea itself.  They’re not all going to work, they’re not all going to be great, but they’re all steps towards something that is.  The ability to create, to subjectively think and to bring forth new concepts is one of our greatest strengths.


Now I’m going to go and check the time remaining on “No Man’s Sky” before I can attempt to get to the centre of the universe.

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