Team Work – Games, Sport, Life (Direct and Indirect)


The time is 20:15 – and it’s a long dark hallway.  The target is crouched behind an irritatingly bulletproof wooden box at the end with a large combat shotgun.  The type that just begs “come and rush me”.  I glance over at my colleague and murmur into the comset, “you got a flash left on you?”.

“Just the one.”

“That’s all we’re gonna need. Throw it into the left wall so it bHallway.JPGounces back behind that cover and let’s take the win.”  I position myself down closer to the annoying fort of death, and wait for my compatriot to let loose his precision toss.  The grenade arc leaves something to be desired – bouncing on TOP of the boxes and tantalising balancing on the rim. Our quarry, being the helpful lad that he is, decides now is a good time to stand up and see where our debate is getting us.  FLASH.  “GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO”.  An absolute HAIL of gun fire goes off over my head as Mr Blue team sprays and prays at my buddy in the 0.1sec sighting he had of him before his view turned an all encompassing white.  *click click click* – my cue to step in rings loud, and popping up from my hidy hole, Mr Blue is blown away and we take the game and overall match.


Team Work.  It’s one of the prevailing reasons we are the dominant species on the planet.  It plays a part in our everyday lives and our careers.  What we could not achieve on our own, we can achieve through a unity of purpose.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch.  From my experiences there are predominantly two types of team work:

Direct – which is multiple persons forming a cohesive unit to strategically accomplish a task that would otherwise be insurmountable for an individual to achieve (a business for example).

Indirect – individuals undertaking the SAME activity TOGETHER and by doing so, spurring each other on to efforts which would be difficult, if not impossible to achieve alone (Shared fitness training).

Lets present this from another seat in theatre – each Thursday is my chance to throw a LES MILLS BodyAttack 1 hour workout at all those participants who keenly turn up.  Now, an hour is a long time to be running, jumping, dodging an

The Muli-LEAP!

d dancing.  In fact, given that this particular cohort are extremely motivated and driven, I routinely try to push them each week in weird and wonderful ways – I promise that’s not as sadistic as it sounds.  The interesting part to observe, once you’ve wiped the TORRENT of sweat from your eyes, is the levels to which we can push ourselves in the presence of others.  You find that next level of energy, that will, that motivation to go for another 20 seconds when it feels like your kidney is trying to forcibly eject itself from your lungs – and your legs have decided that it’s time to emulate being a concrete structure.  Do people do this on their own?  yes they do, but it takes a mighty effort of will and it’s quite uncommon.  This is why the concept of having a personal trainer, attending bootcamps or a group class is so popular (aside from the obvious social benefits too).



Gold Coast University Hospital – Had circa 1600 workers onsite at once at it’s peak

The obvious example though is the direct outcome.  Working on TWO major Hospital Construction jobs from the group up to finished working facility has demonstrated this completely to me.  There are the months and years of pre-emptive design, testing and approvals done by engineers, architects and financials analysts prior to anything starting onsite.  You have all the relevant specialist trades plying their abilities to physically get the thing built during the construction period, coupled with the site management team of engineers, managers, administrators and countless others .  All throughout there are client and local stakeholder consultations and at the end of it all (looooonnnggg times in the cases of major hospitals) you get a final product.  I think this is why time-lapse photography is so cool as well.  Our conscious memory works in snap-frames and short movie bursts.  The time-lapse fills in those blanks and allows one to appreciate the full scope of whatever it is – sun rising and setting – a building being constructed – a flower growing and opening.



Team Work – It’s a benchmark of humanity and something that we need to expand to a global status. We have the team work at a country level mostly nailed (which quite obviously is still a work in progress for a lot of places – or indeed QLD and NSW in Australia during State of Origin Time), and we need to upscale this to a global level in the next century.

Oh – the next match has loaded! I think I’ll go sniper class his time, there’s this sweet tower with a prevailing look over the beautiful snow-capped landscape.  It also provides a great point of view of taking out them pesky blue-teamers, but that’s a pleasant side note.  My buddy – is going to sit down below in his rocking chair and persuade anyone coming near my ladder that it’s really only to be used by me.



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