New Les Mills Classes Are Out – My Brain is Melting – And I like it?!!

OMG It’s that time of year again, there are 4 of them every year when new gym releases for all the Les Mills classes are released and instructors everywhere go into a frenzy of book-worming and digital video watching to learn the new choreography, the music, the teaching techniques, move lines and then spin it all up in an individual package relative each of the their own styles.  It’s exhausting.  And even more so when you teach multiple programmes.


Starting at 1:

When I first started out as a BODYATTACK instructor the first and second time I had to learn a new release, it took me weeks.  Like not one or two – we’re talking 3 to 4 solid weeks of brain ACTIVE learning and memorising.  I shared tracks with other instructors to see how they taught.  See when you first start, you’re still learning how to accurately teach the moves themselves, how to talk and guide and be in the spotlight, to interact with the participants and make sure that they enjoy their workout.  All of that on top of learning the basics of – move here, like this, to this timing……and make it look good will ya? body-attack1.jpg

Thankfully as you progress that time reduces down to 2 weeks.  Then a week and a half. This time I’ve managed to pull off a single Week of dedicated learning to get the new one memorised in 5 days. And I was learning EVERYWHERE.  In the car, during lunch breaks, in the bathroom with headphones…’s borderline insanity. And then……..AND THEN YOU GET THE IDEA TO TEACH MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM…..This release I have to learn BODYATTACK (1hr), BODYPUMP (1hr) and the 3 (YES THREE) GRIT SERIES HIIT classes (30 mins each).



And you know what?  Every instructor out there will tell you how crazy it is to put together what is essentially a 1 hour SHOW – but they all swear they


love it.  Amid the crazy rolling eyes, the shallow breathing and frenetic under-tones of “what do you mean track 3 has 2 x 8 kicks???? It’s 3 x 8 kicks……RIGHT?” there is a deep seated passion that keeps them coming back, to continue learning and to present these amazing workouts.


For me personally I love the absolute feeling of plasticity that it gives your brain.  It’s so easy to fall into the comfort of the same-same routine every day and the mind turns off. To have to FORCE it to adapt, to look, to remember and then twist what you’ve learned so that it sounds authentic and not a simple repeat of the presenters takes huge mental effort and the brain can literally feel wrung out after a couple of hours. rpm70-participants.jpg

*Interesting side-note* I went for a swimming training session today (Noosa Triathlon is coming) and ran through the new GRIT CARDIO choreography in my head as a I swam.  I was so engrossed in what I was doing, in thinking about the timing and what came next in the Tabata of death (eerrr….joy and happiness *Grin*) I had suddenly smashed out 2km in what seemed like a blink!  Success! I have found my learning metric I believe!

A Diatribe of Love

So this has been a lovely sermon on “wow putting together a solo show of 1 hr – lift this, squat that and now TUCK JUMP” – but you know what?  When you see a class full of participants thoroughly enjoy a new workout to cracking music – it’s totally worth it.  Enjoy also being subjective 🙂  I’ll take smiles, grimaces of determination and downright exhalations of exhaustion as success of a class well taught.

The new releases are here guys! LETS TAKE THEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL *opens up choreography to BODYPUMP and puts in headphones*



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