Aim High – Cos You Might Just Get There!

Reach for the Stars

We are in a period where lots of businesses and enterprises require us to set SMART Goals.  Measurable – Realistic – Time Bound…..and that’s a really good way to inspire continued excellence in small doses.  What it doesn’t do, is encourage great leaps of faith.


This morning I witnessed something really inspiring.  One of the new instructors at our gym OWNED her class and made it Fun AND Challenging all in her own flavour of teaching.  This is such an important milestone and one that she should absolutely celebrate and continue to remember in her pursuit of continued excellence.  This has been a 6 month journey from active participant to confident instructor.  What I’d like to point our – and this is from a perspective of being one of this individual’s mentors – is that it’s been a HUGE challenge both physically and mentally, one that was daunting in it’s enormity at the start and has now been achieved.

Taking the Plunge

We don’t tend to take on huge goals for a few reasons:

  1. They usually take an extended period of time
  2. They push us in ways that are really uncomfortable
  3. They often require failing often in pursuit of perfection

I’ve written previously about failure and how this wonderful tool for LEARNING has a huge negative stigma attached to it.  Without delving back into it too much, failure is the reason we can achieve what we do – it’s how you learn to walk for crying out loud.  Similarly, being pushed into new channels of mental and physical boundaries is how we become more experienced, more nuanced and gain greater understanding. I’m going to use the afore-mentioned instructor journey, as this is one I’ve done myself as well.

Learning To Fly

Remember the first time you ever did a fitness class.  It was probably really physically challenging right?  Now think about that same class (call it an hour), and think about talking the WHOLE time.  It pushes the fitness in a way that shocks the hell out of new instructors big time.  You need to gradually build this up, bit by bit, to be able to still

We often give up, just before the summit

perform physically at the same level AND instruct.  Additionally, you need to remember an hour’s worth of choreography.  That alone being a mind overload – you should also make it fun!!! and coach participants to do the moves better, to correct technique where required.  Oh and you probably know all the people so the fear of saying something STUPID is huge (until you learn that it’s actually funny when you do and can roll with it)……This has been a big challenge for our instructor (for any instructor).


The point here – is that BIG goals yield amazing results.  Watching the instructor this morning, being confident, smiling, and enjoying being a part of the room of people all achieving amazing workout results – absolutely made my day.  She enjoyed what she was doing, it made me want to train harder as a result and the class was a rousing success.  The hours of mind bending choreography learning, the classes where nothing just seemed to work, the fear of judgement……all have come together to create an amazing experience and a GOAL achieved.


Soaring The Skies

A lofty goal was set.  There were failures, which led to learning.  There was a crapload of self-discovery.  There has been increased determination, greater fitness, and an appreciation of what can be achieved.  A lofty goal was reached!!!

Shoot for the stars my friends…..because you are more than capable of reaching yours.


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