Working Out On Your Own – Where to find Inspiration and Routines

Hey there! You know when you just DONT KNOW what you feel like doing exercise wise?  There’s the urge to go and do something but the inspiration isn’t hot?  Even the most hard-core gym class junkie needs to do something different every now and again (looking at myself here).  Sometimes that urge can be a quick session on a gym floor, but even then – that can get repetitive quickly.  Nope – all you need is an interesting open space (or any open space really) and a quick google search with a couple of specific headings.



Yes – there is actually a legitimate reason for google images now other than….what you might else use it for.  Rather than just searching through webpages and articles (though thank you for reading ours – grin), get straight to what you want before you get comfortable on that couch.  We recommend a search for:

HIIT Workouts

Superhero Workouts (these are essentially the same thing but have some cool move theming ideas)

and you’ll get something that looks like this:

Google will even start to break them into categories for you at the top of your search:


The key is to not spend too long looking for the perfect one, just grab one and go.  Next time, you get another and another and another.  You’re not going to run out, and it’s way better to get in get something done, rather than potentially lose that mojo and tap out.

If in doubt – you can’t go wrong with a superhero workout 🙂




If you’re at point in your fitness where you can confidently insert a great variety of moves and exercises, then spend 10 minutes devising your own workout.  It’s important to not only include things you like though.  Typically, we like certain moves because we’re good at them – duh.  So you’re going to have to be honest with thyself and put in that ab-combo that you find bloody impossible, because that’s the first step to smashing that wall down you superhero.

Here’s one we created last Monday afternoon and did it watching then sun set over a local lake.  It was tough, it was fun and it totally made the entire day worthwhile.

So go forth yon exercise adventurer – find a change to keep things fresh.  THEN comeback to your regular routine and tuck into it with gusto, knowing you’ve always go some alternative cuisine if required 😉


You are the inspiration!

Pete – Assume It’s Possible.

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