A.I.P – Taking New Steps

Here’s the first blog post we’ve written in quite a while! Between building hospitals, building our own home, training, running this company – we’ve learned how to squeeze 36 hrs into 24 it seems (and we’re getting good at building!).

First up – there’s changes here at Assume It’s Possible – Big Changes!

What’s Going On?

We’re now a fully running Fitness and Lifestyle business.  Probably more accurately, we’ve hit the point where this wonderful concept of helping others with their dreams, building plans to achieve them, and then going for it, can be a full-time job!  That means that for founder Pete, he’s parked the engineering career and is chasing the passion of helping people achieve their own dreams of functional fitness for life.



What’s Coming?


It’s been a 2 year process and it’s exciting – for both us and for what we are hoping to offer you guys too.  See, fitness services have this stigma attached to them of being horrendously expensive, requiring face-to-face commitments and your time.  Well we’ve got a way around that and in the next few days, will be opening up a multi-tiered system of affordable training options that you can absolutely do at your own pad.  Live in Antarctica? No worries! A submarine? (*crap did we plan for a submarine? And do they even get wifi?*),  And the best bit, is that it’s going to be refreshing each week so that you constantly have new material to work with – being bored sucks and doing the same stuff over and over walks right that path of suckatash.



If you’re just part of A.I.P cos’ we share our passion of learning, exploration and positivity – then none of that is going anywhere either.  We’ll keep chasing new ideas, getting the inspiration for positive change and getting it out in the Digital Void.

See You Soon

So keep watching this space, because we’re going to be bringing those options, and how we’re delivering it, to you soon.

Otherwise keep on keeping on in the best way you know how.  There aren’t enough people willing to help others, to put themselves out to make this place a wonderful one for us all.  Together we start that change – little by little we bRunring light to ALL.

Yours in big goofy smiles – Pete.

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