Patreon: You asked – We listened – Cheap Programs

Over the weekend – we launched A.I.P’s cheap training programs for Circuit and mobility/flexibility training with minimal equipment.  The idea is that personal training doesn’t HAVE to be crazy expensive.  We want to offer our services as body-weight / functional trainers to anyone who wants it.  The programs are updated every week so you never get bored with your workout. NOW HERE’S WHAT WE CHANGED – we had several comments about wanting to be able to either choose the Circuit OR the Flexibility program.  We didn’t have this originally, so now there are TWO tiers of rewards that you can choose, which combine as well if you want both.

August 9th.jpg

What it is:

Multi-tiered value structures.  You want a PDF of a new program only?  Fair call – $3 will get you that.

$5 will get you the video that comes with it explaining the moves and having us talk you through getting the most out of your session.

$10, and BOTH programs are yours to utilise.  Work on your cardio, strength, flexibility and movement in one tidy little package.

$15 and we throw in the nifty extras of us making the vids, some extra hints and tips and us throwing down flips and more as we push our own workout as well!


New programs will be release each Wednesday.  So your account gets deducted then, with our undying gratitude, and you have a week’s worth of butt-kickery to get stuck into.

Have a look here:


Consider becoming a pledger – for as little or as long as you like – and we have already put up a freebie PDF and Video on both Patreon and Facebook already for you to play with.

Fitness inspiration is affordable – all you need to do? Just get outside and take some time for you.

Cheers Possiblers – Pete.


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