Fun For Everyone – Fear No Judgement


Having gotten back into coaching some adult gymnastics and acrobatics groups recently, it always delights me how much fun adults find the simple of pleasure of just playing.  Yes – playing.  That’s exactly what it is, cartwheels, handstands and balances with two or more people.  It’s trying things, in an environment where there are only like-minded people who also want to play.  What it highlights though, is how rare that is to see.  Adults are capable of so much more than they think, it merely becomes a matter of trying, not quite getting right, repeating, getting better and then succeeding.  I think in our do everything RIGHT now world though – that is seen as a failure and inhibits the urge to even try.


Kids Just Do

As young children grow, the sense of self-awareness is something that grows as well but doesn’t really take hold until the early to mid teens.  Until that point, kids don’t give a flying fruitcake about what anyone thinks of them throwing roly-poly’s left and right on Aunt Petunia’s favourite manicured lawn.  Its truly an enjoyable thing to watch someone just enjoying themselves – the nature of joy in itself is infectious.  When you think about it – trying – is the nature of how we learn ANY skill.  We learn to walk because we get sick of falling over.  As we get older, the skills that we have learnt as a child become more applicable to a wider range of tasks and learning these tasks becomes easier.  It’s how someone can appear NATURALLY TALroll.jpgENTED at something.  Natural talent, in my opinion, doesn’t exist.  It’s merely that an individual has done something earlier in their life that had skills applicable to what they’re doing now.  I’m not degrading that ability, and yes, people can be genetically disposed to being a faster runner – but you are not inherently born with the ability to kick-ass.  You need to learn to use foot, kick with it – and then find out what an ass is.



So why do we as Adults lose the urge to try?  Our society is one of SUCCESS is the be all, conveniently forgetting that we need to LEARN to SUCCEED and that the learning is actually the fun part!  With “Fails” videos compilations being pretty mainstream, it can be easy to see why people are reluctant to try something and not achieve it – they become sadistic enjoyment for others.  NOOOOOOO….Bring on the “People are AWESOME” videos.  Videos of people trying things and landing that 1 in a million shot.  Bring on the groups of people celebrating the mere act of trying something that feels ridiculous and goofy and then achieving that skill and making it look amazing!  Learning that language, Singing out loud, cartwheeling for no reason – enjoyment breeds enjoyment and we have the power to make positivity spread like nothing else!


So today…..try something new.  Try spinning that pen around your fingers – have a different brand of coffee – HECK, try a flipping cartwheel. When was the last time you did? 😊

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