Muddy Rumble – The Event For Everyone

So you may have seen the Muddy Rumble Brisbane video go up on our social media channels – we just wanted to talk you guys about why you should definitely give this obstacle type course (and other like it, a go).


Check out the 1-min short version of our run:


It’s a Welcoming Challenge:

If you’ve never done such an event, here’s the elevator pitch.  The Muddy Rumble is an 8km outdoor traverse that has obstacles spaced throughout.  Now before you immediately back away here’s a couple of sum-ups:

  • You can go ANY pace.  The event is very specifically NOT a race. You wanna walk 8km?  Hell yeah.  Want to jog or run it?  Absolutely.
  • The obstacles are incredibly fun.  From bouncy ball races, to huge inflateable slides and climbs.  Every obstacle is achievable, and if you so desire, every obstacle can be skipped.
  • There are team members of the event at every obstacle.  They provide a great overwatch to make sure people are doing what they should be, and to help and guide as well.
  • Dress up is encouraged! Grab a squad of friends and theme it up! We went as super heroes, which ended up being 4 batmen, a superman and wonder-woman.
  • We had to run a maximum of 500m between obstacles….my opinion of the Brisbane one would be that there was an average of 200-300m between obstacles…which isnt much and means you don’t get bored.


How hard is it?

Lots of variety of obstacles means that most people will find enough of a challenge somewhere.  Never done anything before? Well there might be a couple of obstacles that prove to be difficult, like the wall climb.  That said, there are volunteers everywhere who are more than willing to help out, as well as other participants.  The comraderie on the day is excellent with everyone having a blast and giving each other a hand.  If you’re SUPER fit, you can certainly make the obstacles more challenging for yourself – take your feet away for example on wall traverses, or long jump on inflateable balls to REALLY test the balance out.

For a run down on every obstacle at the Brisbane Event – here is the 8 min video of our team.



Well it varies depending on how early you get in.  We booked it months in advance and it was around $75.  We made a half day out of the whole thing, road tripping down from the Sunshine Coast with our crew, doing the course and then heading back – i’d count it as quality money spent.  The memories and enjoyment with good people makes it totally worthwhile.  If you were to wait last minute, the tickets were around $85 from memory, so not a drastic increase.


So if you looking to dip the toe in some fun run adventure stuff – look into this, and similar events for sure.  Some have more running, some have more obstacles, some are easier or harder than others.  There are quite a lot of choices to look out for, with just some being:

  • Muddy Rumble
  • Mud Run
  • Miss Muddy
  • Tough Mudder
  • Spartan
  • Colour Run
  • Colour Movement

What’s your next one going to be?

Cheers Crew,


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