Burpees, Bikes & Abs – Sounds Fabulous

July Week 4 FB Ad 2018
Yes – yes it does 🙂
The workout this week involves our good friend the assault bike and just to make things interesting, we’re going to throw some burpees in there.  Hang on – burpees and cycling in the same workout?  Grin – you bet.  We think you’re going to enjoy this one.
Our secondary workout this week is all about core my friends.  Not just functional resistance, but increasing the strength and prominence of the abdominals.  We focus on functionality over look at all times, but the good news is this workout is sure to improve both for you. Win win.
Consistency of workout is key.  Remember, results are gained through continuous action.  If you have one Superhero workout a week, it’s just not going to cut it for you.  Cut down on training time, but increase the number of training sessions.  Frequency will net you a better overall gain.

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