Aug Workouts – Intro to Treadmills & Put Your Functionality to the Test

Let’s talk about the workouts this week.
Treadmill running – yep, if you just set and forget the treadmill speed and run for 20 mins it is boring as all hell.  When we hear people say that they find treadmill running boring, this is normally why, and its SO EASILY fixed.  The treadmill is a tool that has so many options – so USE THEM.  This week, we’re giving you an introduction to speed variation workouts on the treadmill over a 20 minute period.  The workout feels shorter because of the intervals, its more effective because it keeps your metabolism changing up and it’s interesting as you need to keep thinking about the next change.  With options for new starters, right up to advanced runners, this is a great kick into a quick cardio hitout.
The second workout is designed to give your functional fitness an all-around test.  We call it Inverse Working.  With runs that decrease in distance over time, and functional strength moves that increase over time – it’s going to push your oxygen management and fatigue levels.  Let’s see what you’ve got.
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