Body Weight Training – Can It Be Effective? Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes

New programs coming out this Wednesday at 9:00am
So let’s get real.  There’s doing weights and there’s doing cardio.  BUT – one of the most effective, and also one of the most difficult, methods for executing these things – is going it with your own body weight.
Body Weight Training, Calisthenics and Functional training all utilise this mechanic in this week’s training set.
Strength this week is all about pre-warming the body and getting into the muscle work already sweating.  You’ll find you fire off and push harder when you’re already in your peak working zone.   Sounds obvious, is obvious – is rarely done correctly. 
Cardio is another story.  This bad boy starts hard, stays hard and finishes hard.  Now you can make this as high, or low impact as you like.  It works for all fitness types – you put yourself into a WORK zone relative for YOU.  
Enjoy – Push yourself, be proud 🙂 
Want to get on board with us?  We’d love to have you and to train with you (we do each and every one of these programs ourselves)
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