Train the Full Body – Not Just the Strong Bits

Being released on Wednesday 9:00am to our online Squad:
You’ve heard the saying – “All things in balance”.  That totally applies to your training regime.  For an all-around health approach, you need a balance of strength, cardio and power.  And you can break that down even further into those components. We often only train the strength components that we’re good at.  They get stronger, better – and highlight the disparity between our weakness even further – and we therefore ignore those areas even more.
This week’s programs focus on the WHOLE you.  Our primary workout is called “THE BALANCER”  It incorporates both strength and cardiovascular elements in two sections.  You could even split these two sections into two separate workouts if you want – or just take on the whole thing in one go.
The secondary program is a dedicated program towards getting you a good RESTFUL sleep.  Most of us don’t get enough sleep.  And then even when we do sleep, its often broken and not a recharge much at all.  Take 5-10 mins before you sleep to get the muscles calm, relaxed and ready to be still.  10 mins is absolutely worth it when it might get you another solid hour of actual RESTFUL sleep.
Join in with the crew for $3 a week.  Seriously……you only pay, if we actually deliver, all through a secure online platform.  Training plans were never easier!
Aug Wk 4 Fb Ad 2018

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