This Week’s Training – Where’s the Threshold?

Well hello there y’all.
This week we’re exploring threshold training.  What’s that mean?  we have two workouts for you that provide the possiblity for you to push yourself harder than you thought you could.  Do you need to go that hard?  Absolutely not – if you want to use these for some lighter “turn the legs over” training, you can most certainly do that.  But they are designed so that should you wish to put yourself to test – you can.
Workout 1: Strength & Power – “Inside Out”
Multiple rounds of intense explosive power actions followed up by heavy strength loading to burn oxygen.  The first round is going to be manageable – the fourth is going to push the melt button
Workout 2: Every Changing Cardio – “Stairway to Heaven”
An ever changing series of cardiovascular acitivites that will force the body to adapt, to breathe.  It’s going to make you think about how long you need to recover, how hard can you go and still find ways to get the oxygen in.  Where’s the thresholds for “this is the limit pace” you can hold.
As mentioned above, both workouts can definitely be done at slower paces and are still great at increasing their respective training focus.  Not every workout needs to be a superhero effort.
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