Podcast Ep 7: Training Cycles


Whether you’re just starting out, or smashing out a professional level of training – odd’s are you’ve been exposed to or have heard of Training Cycles within workout regimes. These cycles, or periods of programmed training, can be an invaluable tool to speed your progression, aid in recovery, and prevent burnout.

How do we differentiate between various types of training cycles?
Which ones can you implement yourself?
What are the benefits of each?
How do training blocks work?
Why are “challenges” always in blocks of 4 weeks?

We explore all of this in our Podcast this week. Join us!

“12 Signs You’re Over Training” Article:

“Heart-Rate variability Training” – article referencing over-training

“Block Periodization Versus Linear Periodization: Which Is Better?” – Article discussing block vs linear training

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