This Week’s Online Training: Burst Cardio & Strength Through Gravity

Lets explore – the amount of effort required to take your shoes off. Not a huge amount. But at a point where you REALLY wanted to just cruise and breathe. The difference between a quick transition (10 secs), and a slow one (1 min) is massive. If you try and pull that minute back whilst running – that’s incredibly difficult. Whilst keeping a high pace the whole time, target areas that you can push harder in to achieve effective results. This will change from workout to workout and might not be applicable, as sometimes workouts are going to force you to put effort into weakness areas, to develop them.
Well gang – we could write about the lengthy cardio…..we could write about the pull-ups with no assistance bands….we could even write about the extraordinarily heavy turkish get-ups.
Nope – i’d like to write about the clever method
September Week 4 FB Ad - 2018

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