This Week’s Training – Fundamentals – Using Your Body

We’re taking simplicity as a focus point this week friends.  2 workouts. One Cardio. One Strength.  Nothing fancy about any of it.  But with simplicity, comes base effectiveness.
The Cardio:
We call this one “Last Night’s Dinner” – here’s a tip, don’t eat anywhere near the time you want to do this.  It’s not “hard” per se, but we want you to try and do it for time (as fast as possible) and the transitions between the elements put the body under duress.  Your stomach can react to this – especially when it’s full.  So don’t let it be full 🙂
The Strength:
Implosion – it’s all body weight with the exception of two moves with kettlebells.  What’s your control over your own body like?  Some of these moves might require some options too, and feel free to take them.  Pullups you might want to do on a low bar on an incline.  Hold that position to do Toes-To-Bar (which is exactly what it sounds like – hang from a bar and lift your legs to touch the bar).  This one is under no time stress, take any rests, water etc that you need to get the work done.
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