Online Training Coming At You! The Deepest of Dead-Legs – and HIIT Cardio. Short and Sharp.

Join the online Assume Its Possible crew for $3 a week. 2 Programs each and every week, and the best thing?  You only pay when the workouts are posted.  So if we don’t post, you don’t get charged!
So this week’s workouts are focusing on your legs and lungs.
Dead Leg Disco:
Workout one is all about massive leg burn.  So much leg focus, but not just to smash them…We’re building the power capabilities in your legs.  This is one of those workouts that you’re going to feel for a few days afterwards.
Twin Peaks:
The second workout is a VERY short workout, but with shortness comes intensity – achievable intensity.  This workout is great, because no matter what your fitness level, it’s still going to be a challenge.  Fitter? Go Faster!  Can you turn your screws up to 11?  And how long can you hold it there?  Slow down whenever you need, complete the workout – but challenge yourself in doing so.
Copy of October week 1 FB Ad - 2018

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