Composite Cardio – Timed Strength

Hey there Possiblers!
So for this week we’ve got a cool team cardio composite workout.  Putting some short running efforts together with some basic body strength.  The best part – you can do this particular workout either solo or with a buddy.  It’s a 23min workout – no matter how hard you go, so you can completely scale the workout depending on how you’re feeling on the day.
The Strength Workout – is a benchmark style workout.  Initially – it’s designed to be impossible to finish.  There is a 30 min time cap – so you want to see how far through you can get through, then try and get further each time.  You can use whatever options you need to achieve the workout (bands for pullups, pushups on knees, hanging supports for Pistol Squats etc).  I promise you – it can be done in the time limit, with NO options taken.  Just a matter of practice to build your strength.
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