Low Impact – High Energy Workouts

Coming out tomorrow at 9am….Our online workout crew get their new workouts!!
High energy expenditure doesn’t require high impact moves.  Tuck jumps are great and all, but the knees and ankles might not be so appreciative all the time.
The first workout is called Big Spender – and you’ll need an Assault-Type Bike or a normal regular exercise bike.  The concept is that this workout is done as fast as possible, but the first time you try this one, we advise pacing it out.  Regardless of how fast you do it, the tick boxes for moving on are calorie based, so you’re guaranteed a minimum level of workout.
The second is called Powerhouse.  This workout is interesting – easy efforts of tick over, to prepare you for very short efforts of maximum power expenditure.  Surprisingly, it’s much more of a mental challenge to hit that 100% effort.  We have natural inbuilt mechanisms that tend to hold us back from giving everything – and being able to step through these barriers is an exercise in mental control.  This is why the distances are short, and there’s no time limit.  Take your time – but when it’s go time…….go hard!October week 4 FB Ad - 2018

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