Online Squad – Benchmarking Ourselves

This Wednesday!

We’ve got some cool challenges for the online crew this week.

Why don’t you join us? 2 workouts each and every week on Patreon – a proven safe platform for delivery of quality content.

$3 will net you two workouts each and every week.


A Series of 6 benchmark tests. Takes most of an hour to complete. Can be done in any order. A really great summary of where your fitness is and will give you a great idea of where you can target some specific extra training. My grip strength was not great this day in particular (lots of sweat and fatigue), but def is one of my weaker areas and needs targetting. Good to keep a record.

Pete results:

44 cal

Run and gun
7min 4 sec

9min 3sec

1min 10sec

Up & down
8 complete rounds

5 mins achieved


A good early morning kickstart workout. Start quick, but by no means a flat sprint. As your body and respiratory system warm up, going fast is going to feel good. Give yourself a minute or two between rounds to re-oxygenate and then jump in. A good full body flush-out, Gonzales is a great mind switch-off, but efficient, workout

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