One Big – One Core – Two Workouts For You All

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Yeah – we weren’t kidding when we said that one of these is massive. It’s a big challenge and will take you the better part of a hour to complete. The best part though – no matter what your fitness level, there are options available to make this workout doable. The second is a TRX based workout to really activate all through your core. Now when we say core – most people immediately think abs. This is not wrong, but it’s far from the full story. In a basic sense, everything from neck to hips is essentially your core. Abs, obliques, hip flexes, lats, rhomboids, shoulders.

Quad Erad Demonstrandum Workout:

This is the big boy. Now as we mentioned above this is designed as an endurance style workout. There are a couple of ways to approach this. If you’re doing it full length – and we encourage you to try it – but are unsure of the strength components like pullups….then absolutely modify those elements that you need. Add elastic bands, or jump to get the pullup and slow release. Do it on an incline with you feet on the floor. Whatever you need to do to challenge yourself but also get the workout done.
Pressed for time and don’t have an hour? Cut all the reps in half and bingo, you’ve got a shorter sprint version. It’s actually not necessarily easier, because you will be able to push yourself faster. It almost becomes a different workout, because the focus will change from endurance to a more sprint, anaerobic focus.

The TRX Core Workout:

This has some of our favourite Callisthenic moves in it. We’ve put pictures in the workout to assist with what they actually are. If you’ve never used TRX straps before, you’re in for a treat with these. When used in this style they get your entire body working hard and it feels great. you can zoom the pictures when you download the images btw to get a closer look.
Enjoy team!
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