Short Sprint or A Taste of Everything – You’ve got choices

Sometimes you need choices in workouts.  One day you might be a bit pressed for time, but you still want to have that HELL OF GOOD workout – we’ve got one.  Or, perhaps, a longer one, but that has a full-body component and makes you feel like your EVERYTHING has been cooked.
This is the everything smash-up.  One that we put together when we weren’t really sure what we felt like doing.  Turns out, it ended up being quite a great session that left fatigue in all the right places.  Hope you enjoy this one – we did.  Take you time with it, try for perfect range of motion, technique and at as high a level as possible.
This is the short and sharp and when done as fast as possible its going to really push the stomach wall muscles.  Don’t be surprised if these combinations make you feel a bit queasy – should you feel this way at all and don’t know where your threshold for this is, ease back until the feeling abates.  There might be some extra fun otherwise!
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