Alicia’s Surf Life Saving World Charge


Alicia – Charging Hard

A.I.P would like to throw out a huge congratulations to Sunshine Coast Super Sports Gal, and Client, Alicia!

Currently in Adelaide for the Lifesaving World Championships, competing for her

local club of Maroochydore. Only part-way through competition to date –  Alicia recently took out 3rd Place in the Youth Ski Event Final.  In challenging wind and chop conditions, and a supremely competitive field, Alicia took charge of the back end of the race to pull herself up several positions to finish 3rd in a huge effort.  “Well Done!’ just doesn’t come close to covering it.

You may also recognise Alicia from previous news earlier this year where she represented Australia in Bulgaria for the Individual Kayaking 1000m World Championship – she just continues from strength to strength in 2018.

Reaping The Rewards of Months of Training – 3rd Place!


We’re excited to say that she’s racing again today in the mixed teams event as the paddler – this event comprises a Swimmer, Runner, Ski Paddler and Board Paddler.  2 gentlemen and 2 ladies are the required make-up of the team.  The whole event and future days can be watched live streaming on the Event Youtube Channel here:

Good Luck – and Charge Hard!




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