Beauty and a Beast – One of Each – Both can Teach

Crap title poetry aside – these are two VERY contrasting workouts.  One of these has an option to be an absolute titan if you want to do all 3 sections.  The alternative is that you pick one or 2 of the three and push as you wish. 
The Beauty workout is incredibly simple and is awesome to bash out with headphones and some good music.  Minimal moving around with equipment means you can switch off and just enjoy the feeling of the body working hard.
BEAST – “Cross Country” – Have this one available to refer to often.  It changes very rapidly, ensuring you never get a chance to adapt to one particular exercise.  Like we said above – you could pick 1, or 2, or all 3 of the sections to give yourself a workout equal to how much time you have available.  
Beauty – “Simple Slammer” – Its so simple…..grin – they’re the ones to be wary of though.  Complexity brings it own challenges – but simplicity means that it’s just a good tough nugget!  3 Moves – adjusting reps – solid sweat.  A fabulous workout to fall back on when  you’re not entirely sure what you want to do.
Why not join our squad online?  $3 a week gets you two workouts – each and EVERY week.  Fitness direction and motivation has never been so easy.

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