Lets “Triangulate” when “Fran” should be!

 Checkout this week’s online squad workouts Preview:
A quick burner – combining a traditional crossfit workout called “Fran” into 3 multiples of very similar work to target your back, shoulders and upper arms.  The moves all use the same muscles but in slightly different ways, allowing you to rest in some points, and causing absolute muscle fatigue in other – you’re going to have to pick and choose your rest times, that’s for sure.
Say hello to “FRANTASTIC”
One objective…..try. not. to. stop.  It’s just too hard to get yourself going again.
Triangulation – our second team workout (though you can also do it solo as well by completing all elements twice through). Rotating elements where where cardio is the rest. Something different – easy running and assault stack on each other and the legs will be a bit wobbly after all those plate slides. Remember its only going to take you a few hundred metres for the legs to adjust. Options for this workout if you dont have access to assault bikes etc – just swap out for a normal exercise bike.  If you don’t have access to sliding plates on the floor, then do regular body squats but raise up onto your toes at the top – up to 200.  Yep. 200.  That’s the feeling the plate slide is going to give you.
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