A Benchmark Test – and a Maximum Effort Go Hard

This is a workout that is going to do some interesting things to your body.  Think your burpees are pretty solid?  They’re a whole different kettle of fish after a max-out of overhead plate presses.  How far can you run in 3min?  Not – can you run kinda far in 3m….but HOW FAR….PUSH THAT SH**.
One to actually give yourself a set of goals to work on – its laid out in such a way so that you get minimal rest and maximum working zone time.
Maximum Effort:
Short rounds of work.  Seriously short.  Good thing there’s lots of them…And they keep changing every round.  Adaption. Endurance. Sprint – its all there man.  The name says it all.  Make it as short or as long as you like.
We like this one – we like it a LOT
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