Our Post-Christmas Workouts Are HERE

Strapped for the that last little Christmas Idea?
Subscribe your family member to our weekly workouts for $3 a week.  As long, or as short as you like – we post every single week, 2 workouts to keep your gym routine interesting.  They come out every Wednesday at 9am AEST.  If we forget (and we don’t) – then you dont get charged for work we didnt do.
I was struggling with what I what I wanted to name these two workouts.  I went with how they made me feel – but more what they reminded me of.  Had a really naughty Christmas and need to really just burn EVERYTHING? Cool. Maybe you’re still feeling the effects of the Christmas Cheer and just want a really short sharp hit to make you feel good again? No Problem.
One long, one short – both great.
Let’s talk the LONG workout first.  The morning we did “Hot Cocoa”, it was breezy outside and a bit cool – the internal body temp that this workout gave, made me think of the same feeling when you smash down a hot cocoa on a winters night. Straight into warm-up mode.
Ok, now the short one.  “Burden” is all about showing how easy something can be  – and then of course making it HEAPS harder (continuously), before moving onto the next move and repeating!  Challenge is how we get batter folks.  By continuing to train the same, expect the same results.  By raising the bar – or changing the bar completely – then….THEN we start making progress
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