New Years Workouts – Bring It On 2019

Motivation for a new year is here:
New Year, New Year – New Year is HERE! 
The two workouts this week come in multi-parts.  Got a solid chunk of time? Then go for the whole 9 yards and complete the full workout.  Limited to 20-30mins?  Pick one aspect and then go hard and fast.  Choice is the flavour – and no matter what your constraints, you can always fit in something!
This introduces some complex moves – and some supremely challenging moves – Namely the handstand pushup.  Now this move is going to be out of reach of most people at first.  We highly recommend walking your feet up a wall and HOLDING the handstand for time (seconds) equivalent to the number of reps specified.  That said, if you’re able to attempt the pushup, no matter how small the range, then definitely undertake that action to begin the strengthening process.
There are 3 sets in this program – taking heed of what we previously said, undertake as many as your timeframe allows.
A dual set of work is involved here. Each set has a cardio AND a strength block.  Do one, or do both! 
The concept behind this program is an all-around style workout.  You will do speed sets, endurance running, heavier loads and body strength.  The final result is fatigue through all fitness aspects and an aim to improve all of them.  A practical application of energy – it is rare in real life to only need strength, or only cardio.  Usually, it’s a combination of both to some degree, so we’ve utilised this – only the degrees are….high. Grin.
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